• Freshly made cheese

    A cheese obsession begins

    Is morning tea a tradition in your workplace? It is in mine and we have a couple of star bakers whose morning tea treats we all look forward to.  Grace is my favourite. Her croissants are buttery, flaky goodness, her…

  • Keep writing, don't keep quiet. Picture of author's first page of first short story

    Finish that story

    Do you need a deadline? I do.  I spend quite a bit of money, that could otherwise be spent on cheese, entering writing competitions, just for the deadline.  (Ok, so winning might be nice too). Last weekend I sent a…

  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - Reactor No 4

    Chernobyl – Extreme tourism?

    My husband’s young Ukrainian cousin, Victor, suggested we visit Chernobyl on our visit to Kiev and we immediately agreed. Once the tickets were paid for I googled Chernobyl tours, and discovered we were about to participate in Extreme Tourism. Why…