About Ally Mitchell

Ally Mitchell was born in Scotland and grew up in Tasmania. Apart from a year in Malaysia, and five in Sydney, Hobart’s been her home for most of her life. There she works in adult literacy, learns Indonesian, makes cheese and has a pile of books by her bed with Magic Pudding like qualities.

You can fit a lot more in once your children have left home.

Ally is working on two novels and writes short stories. Most recently, Keeping Quiet, a story inspired by family tales of life on the west-coast of Tasmania, was published in the Forty South Short Story Anthology, 2018.

Ally and her husband, the fisherman, just returned from an overseas trip where they visited cousins in Ukraine and Scotland. She then spent time writing on a mountain side in Colorado, learning and making new friends while he went fishing in Oregon. They reunited for a visit to Alaska and cruise down the spectacular Inside Passage.

Despite fabulous friendships, scenery and cheese, it was good to get home.